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Breeding Program 

The Bayside Puppy PrOGRAM 

First and foremost we would like to congratulate you and your family on beginning to research and consider adding a new Boykin Spaniel to your family. Here at Bayside Boykins we know how important this decision is and we pride ourselves in being there with you every step of of the way. 

Our puppy process has been extensively thought through to ensure the very best experience for you and your new puppy. We want to keep you involved every step of the way from pregnancy confirmation to puppy pickup day and every step in between. Regular updates are sent to our clients via email or text, as well as posts to our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

All of our puppies are sold with preference to hunting/hunt test homes and come dewormed (2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks), with their first set of vaccinations (6 weeks), BSS/AKC/and UKC eligible registration, evaluation of temperament and conformation before being placed with their homes, and previously exposed to people, pets, water, crates, gunfire, birds, etc. before arriving at their new homes. We release our puppies to their new owner(s) at 8 weeks of age, but this is subject to change at the breeders discretion. 

The price of our puppies depends on the sire and dam selected for each litter.  This price is determined based on the pedigree, proven hunting ability, the cost of breeding (A.I. or cover breeding), and the cost of stud fees/transporting semen for each individually researched litter. Our purchase price includes our health guarantee, puppy starter packs, and lifelong breeder health and training support from a future Veterinarian. 

Get to know the 'Bayside Boykin Program' here and please reach out to us at any point with your questions, comments, and concerns! 

The Application 

The first step in the Bayside Boykin puppy process is submitting an application. We take pride in our dogs and want to ensure that they go to homes that uphold the same quality and standard of care that we strive to achieve. We warrant careful consideration of who we select to house a puppy from our kennel.Through our application process we are able to learn more about the life our puppy will have with you and help us better understand what exactly you are looking for in your Boykin Spaniel. We are always accepting applications for future breedings. 

The Link to our 'Prospective Puppy Buyer Application' can be found HERE

The COntract 


The purpose of our contract is to emphasize that the buyer agrees to provide a comfortable environment, prompt medical attention, and responsible care for their dog throughout his/her life. All of our puppies are sold with the understanding that Bayside Boykins retains the rights to our puppies should the new owner not be able to provide their dog with a home at any point in their lifetime. Our puppies are also sold with "Limited Privilege" or "LP" registration that can become full breeding rights once all BSS recommended health testing has been performed on the pup after 2 years of age.

You can review our 'Pet Sales Contract and Agreement' HERE

Puppy Pickup 

The day you and your family have been waiting for! Once you have been added to our waitlist for a breeding pair, the countdown begins for a much anticipated puppy pickup day. Once the puppies have reached 8 weeks of age they are ready to join your family. At puppy pickup you will have the opportunity to pick your puppy with our assistance and meet his/her littermates. There is a predetermined "pick of the litter" organized once the litter is confirmed. This decision is dictated once you have an approved application on file and by the order of which we receive deposits. We believe in-person selection is crucial to making sure you are paired with a puppy perfect for your lifestyle. Plan for a fun day filled with training tips, sun, and of course puppy love! 

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Puppy Starter Packs 

Each Bayside Boykin Spaniel Puppy comes with a "puppy pack" filled with various items we find to be essential for bringing home a new puppy at no additional cost. 

Starter Packs include: 

  • Various gundog training supplies 

  • A sample bag of the food your puppy has been eating

  • Your puppies first collar from whelping 

  • A medical history booklet 

  • Blanket that smells like mom and the litter mates (comforting for puppy during the transition to your home)

  • Your puppies pedigree and background information 

  • Registration paperwork

  • Bayside Boykin Spaniel Swag 

Staying Connected 

Here at Bayside Boykins each puppy is considered a part of our family. Once you finally have your new puppy you as well become part of our family. We love keeping up with each one of our puppies and all of the great things they accomplish. We hope to build a relationship with our clients to provide lifelong breeder support to answer any training or health concerns. Since Bayside Boykins is run by a future licensed veterinarian, we are able to provide our owners with a unique form of support unlike the average breeder. Any and all updates are very much appreciated! 

Our Puppies ArE... 

Genetic Health guaranteed

and tested for all BSS 

recommended health problems 

Triple registered through the



Previously exposed to people, pets, water, crates, gunfire, birds, etc. before arriving at their new homes

Sold with preference to 

Hunting and Hunt test homes 

Dewormed, vaccinated, tails Docked, dewclaws removed and Health Checked daily

Evaluated for Temperament and conformation before 

being approved for homes

Are you interested in a Bayside Boykin Spaniel Puppy?

Fill out our Prospective Puppy Buyer Application Here:

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