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Bayside's Mallie Mae

Whelped: March 26, 2016

Weight: 34 lbs

BSS Registration: BSR034846

UKC Registration: R283-454

Canine Health CHIC qualified: 154921

Health Testing: 

  • EIC: "Clear"

  • CEA: "Carrier"

  • DM: "Normal" 


OFA Certifications:

  • Hips: "Good"

  • Elbows: "Normal 

  • Patella: "Normal"

  • Cardiac: "Normal"

  • Eyes: "Normal"


Mallie's Full Pedigree can be viewed  HERE 

24 National Championships Represented in Pedigree

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Bayside's St.Thomas Saige

Whelped: May 10, 2020


BSS Registration: 

UKC Registration: 


Health Testing: 

  • EIC: "Clear"

  • CEA: "Clear"

  • DM: "Normal" 


OFA Certifications:

  •  Ratings pending 24 mo of age

    • Sire: OFA "Good"/ "Normal"

    • Dam: OFA "Excellent"/ "Normal"

Saige's Full Pedigree can be viewed  HERE

Over 150 National Championships Represented in Pedigree 

Get to know Saige

Bayside's Sibley

Coming Summer 2021

Mallie x HRCH Finn